Hello from the Authors!

Hello! Welcome to Bacon and Brussels, and thank you for stopping by! We are two sisters, one vegan and one omnivore, who love all things food and are dedicated to sharing our favorite recipes with you! Although we may have very different diets, we both share a love for perfecting new recipes and cooking together. Jess has been vegan for 3 years and vegetarian for 5 years. She is committed to a plant-based lifestyle and will be sharing delicious recipes that taste amazing and make you feel even better!  Jess is also available to answer any questions you may have about incorporating more vegan based foods into your diet. Nikki enjoys a more gluttonous aspect to cooking (extra bacon, butter, and cheese, please!) while still incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients into every recipe. We will try to feature vegan and non vegan options of similar recipes, although occasionally we will feature single recipes catering to our vegan or non vegan readers. We hope you enjoy!
Jess and Nikki Hogan